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Bradford Consulting understands marketing and sales strategies. We can help write and execute a marketing plan. Our goal is to help connect businesses to their target market and bring customers to a high-quality sales funnel. 

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Generally, business owners have a good handle on this area. It is their vision that inspired the products and services. We can provide feedback on the overall processes, make sure the right people are on board, and help customers share their feedback.

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We believe in fundamentals and trackable metrics. Which numbers does your business need to know to operate? We build and improve financial systems to gather data, create relevant reports, and connect to the other business processes.

We use the Bradford On Business Process Check-up to find strengths/weaknesses in an organization’s processes and help implement a strategy to turn small to medium size businesses into valuable, well-oiled machines.

Mike Bradford

Founder/Strategic Advisor
Mike has a passion for helping business owners build out their vision and contribute to their community in a meaningful way. With a strong financial and marketing background, Mike can creatively improve and integrate the major processes.

Colin Roberts

Web Design/ Marketing/ Advertising
Colin approaches online marketing and advertising from a unique financial perspective and has had success with creating effective advertising and budget strategies.

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